Jewelry by Mary DeMarco
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Artist Mary DeMarco designs bewitching lines of nature-inspired jewelry that is eye-catching, elegant and affordable. Having studied fine arts, jewelry making, and design at the Maryland Institute of Art and in Florence, Italy, Mary formed an independent jewelry studio in Maryland with her husband. Twenty years later, her love for the art of jewelry making is still manifests in her timeless designs and handmade quality.

Her jewelry works reflect the natural shapes and rich colors of nature with an elegant and whimsical style. Using pewter, brass, Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones and minerals, all Mary DeMarco jewelry is handmade in the USA.

Browse styles from the 'Birds and Bees', 'Dragonflies', 'Under the Sea', 'Le Jardin', 'Owl', and 'Peach Rose' Collections below (click any image for product details and pricing).

The Birds and Bees Collection :                                                               





 Queen Bee Necklace   Queen Bee Ring    Bee Earrings

    Queen Bee Necklace


  Queen Bee Ring


  Bee Earrings




 Birds & Bees Single Strand Bracelet   The Birds and Bees Triple Strand Bracelet with Queen Bee Accent     Desert Flower Earrings

 Birds & Bees Bracelet#1


 Birds & Bees Bracelet #2


 Desert Flower Earrings




 Pewter Flower Earrings  
   Pewter Flower & Crystal Bee Ring Stand

 Pewter Flower Earrings


Queen Bee Ring Holder  

 Ring Stand

The Under the Sea Collection :                                                               





 Seahorse Necklace   Seahorse Bracelet    Seahorse Earrings

    Seahorse Necklace


  Searhorse Bracelet


  Seahorse Earrings




 Octopus Bracelet   Under the Sea Bracelet     Sea Turtle Bracelet

Octopus Bracelet


Under the Sea Bracelet


 Sea Turtle Bracelet




 Sea Turtle Adjustable Ring    Starfish Ring Holder    Shell Ring Holder

 Sea Turtle Ring


 Ring Stand


 Ring Stand


   Starfish Pin    Starfish Cuff Bracelet

  Cascade Earrings


 Crystal Starfish Pin


 Crystal Starfish Cuff

The Dragonflies Collection :                                                                    




 Dragonflies Bracelet    Dragonfly Earrings

    Dragonflies Bracelet

    Dragonfly Earrings





 Dragonflies Necklace    Dragonfly Cross Pendant

  Dragonflies Necklace

  Dragonfly Cross Pendant

The Le Jardin (French 'Garden') Collection :                                           





 Le Jardin Caterpillar Necklace   Caterpillar Bracelet    Garden Friends Bracelet

    Caterpillar Necklace


  Caterpillar Bracelet


 Garden Friends Bracelet





 Le Jardin Butterfly Earrings   Grasshopper Triple Strand Bracelet    Grasshopper and Flower Link Bracelet

 Le Jardin Butterfly Earrings


  Grasshopper Bracelet #1 


 Grasshopper Bracelet


       Le Jardin Cross Necklace

    Grasshopper Necklace


 Grasshopper Earrings


 Le Jardin Necklace


   Crystal and Pewter Turtle Brooch

  Crystal Turtle Earrings


  Grasshopper Ring Holder


  Crystal Turtle Brooch

The Peacock Collection





 Peacock Pendant Necklace   Peacock Cuff Bracelet    Peacock Feather Earrings

    Peacock Necklace


  Peacock Cuff


  Peacock Earrings

The Owl Collection :                                                                                  




 Crystal Owl Necklace     Crystal Owl Pin         Majestic Owl Necklace

    Crystal Owl Necklace


   Crystal Owl Pin

  Majestic Owl Necklace  





 Owl Jewelry Dish    Night Owl Bracelet   Together Forever Owls Bracelet

  Owl Jewelry Dish


  Night Owl Bracelet

  Together Forever Bracelet

Desert Jasper Owl Ring
  Woodland Owl Earrings

   Desert Jasper Owl Ring


   Woodland Owl Earrings


The Peach Rose Collection:                                                              




 Peach Rose Flower Bud Pewter Bracelt    Peach Rose Multi-Strand Bracelet

   Peach Rose Flower Bud

    Peach Rose Multi-Strand





 Pink Turkish Delight Floral Earrings    
Pink Turkish Delight Floral Earrings

   Pink Turkish Delight
Floral Earrings

  Peach Rose Necklace

The Glamour Puss Collection:                                                              





   Glamour Puss Necklace

   Glamour Puss Bracelet





  Glamour Puss Earrings

  Glamour Puss Ring

And more!                                                                                                  




 Botanical Grandeur Necklace    White Opal Crystal Cross Earrings

   Botanical Grandeur

    White Opal Crystal
Cross Earrings


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