American Chestnut Wood Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse

Chestnut Fence Rail Birdhouse

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About the American Chestnut Split-Rail Fence Birdhouse 

Prior to the 20th century, the American Chestnut tree populated nearly a quarter of some eastern forests, particularly in the Appalachians. With large diameters and a straight growth habit, the largely branch-free trunks made strong, rot-resistant lumber. The iconic split rail fences were traditionally made of the Chestnut lumber. Around 1900, chestnut blight was accidentally introduced to the US through imported Asian wood and wiped out over 99% of the American Chestnut population by 1950.

Today, as old split rail fences are abandoned or removed, much of the wood is reclaimed for modern uses. This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railing, hollowed out and provided with a 1.25" opening. Each has three screws in the face, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning after birds leave the habitat. Includes a twig perch and 6" chain for hanging. Handcrafted in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

~  Made in the USA  ~ 

Product Size :     measures between 3.5 to 5.5" tall   x   3.5 to 5.0" wide   x   5.5 to 6.0" long 
                                (size varies slightly depending on size of railing used) 
Weight :                1.75 lbs.
Material :              wood
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