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Large Lighthouse 3-Tone Wind Bell

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About the Lighthouse Bell 

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of buoys rocking in the ocean, their bells providing that distinct resonating clang as they ride atop ocean waves. The large Lighthouse Bell captures that distinct poetic sound while providing a visual reminder of the sea. Each white triangular-shaped bell is made of quality steel (60% of which is recycled steel) and given a full powder-coating for durability. Available with your choice of wind-catcher: blue crab, white sailboat or red buoy. Bell portion measures 15" tall (full length with wind-catcher will be approx. 22-24") and includes a 7" chain.  Each lighthouse bell is handmade by the Davidson Family of Maine.

Please Note: Although fully powder-coated for endurance, steel is a naturally changing element that may gain a rustic patina over the years. However, the cherished bell tone and function will remain unchanged.

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Product Size :     approx. 22"-24" tall x 6" wide; Weight = 4.5 lbs.
Material :              steel
Ships In :              1 business day
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