Abstract Scribble Modern Mobile in Black White, Hotchkiss

Abstract Scribble Modern Mobile

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About The Abstract Scribble Modern Mobile 

Look upwards and be mesmerized by a slow dance, a work of modern art, and mechanism of meditation. Inspired by Alexander Calder and the Mid-Century Modern Art Movement, contemporary mobiles provide an inviting accent in today's interior spaces. The Abstract Scribble features 6 fabric circles of white arranged horizontally, anchored by a vertical oval. The fabric is individually hand-painted with eccentric, Pollock-style black scribbles in a harmony of abstract patterns. Lightweight aluminum metal arms move independently with only the slightest movement of air. Each mobile is completely handcrafted and balanced by hand in Massachusetts and signed by the the artist. No assembly needed - arrives ready to hang. Interior use only.

Size notes: At its widest, the mobile measures approx. 44". It is recommended to hang at least 26" from the closest wall to allow the mobile to properly move unobstructed. Measures approx. 23" high from top arm to lowest point and includes a hanger of approx. 23". Purple oval measures 10" x 7".

~ Made by hand in the USA ~ 

Product Size :         approx. 44" wide x 23" high 

Material :                  aluminum and fabric
Ships In :                   1 business day
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