Damascus Blade 3" Lockback Pocket Knife with Red Jasper Stone

Damascus Blade 3" Pocket Knife with Red Jasper Stone

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About the Red Jasper Pocket Knife with Damascus Blade

A masterful marriage of fine steel with natural stone! Perfectly functional and collectible, the popular 3" Pocket Knife is accented with bloody basin jasper stonework. The handsome red jasper stone is native to Arizona, named for the region (Bloody Basin) from which it is mined. The jasper is prized for its deep crimson tone with jet black veins. An inlay of black jet (also mined in the Southwest) and silver stripes complement the aesthetic. All stonework reflects the natural color of the material - no paints or pigments. The handsome stonework is painstakingly shaped, ground, polished and assembled by artisans in Santa Fe, New Mexico and applied to the factory-new knife. The handle reverse features solid wood. Closed, the knife is 3" long, sized small enough for everyday pockets. Sleek, stylishly sharp, and practical!

About the Damascus Blade
With a manual lockback mechanism, the knife features damascus steel formed in Japan with a process known as Sanmai Damascus. Unlike common sanmai, this blade features a core of high-carbon VG-10 steel sandwiched by 16 layers of stainless steel on both sides to create a dramatic appearance with a rust-free finish.

Due to the natural abstract variations in the stone, the vein pattern and color tone will vary slightly.

~ Made in the USA ~ 

Blade Length :                             2.2"
Handle Length :                          3.1"
Overall Length (when open) :  5-1/4"

Materials :                                   vg-10 steel, stainless steel, nickel silver, jet stone, red jasper, wood
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