Our Love is a Rainbow / Gay Male Couple Cast Pewter Art Ornament

Cast Pewter Art Ornament - Our Love is a Rainbow Male Couple

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About the 'Our Love is a Rainbow' Cast Pewter Ornament

Expanding upon a tradition of skilled metalwork in her family, our pewter artist creates fantastic little works of art that blend a sense of storytelling with fanciful imagery and heartfelt symbolism. 'Our Love is a Rainbow' depicts a male couple in a loving embrace, celebrating a happy life together. Cast using the artist's hand-sculpted mold, the ornament is formed in solid fine pewter with a method that captures each texture and facial expression with great detail. Measures 3.5" tall and includes ribbon as shown.

- What is pewter and is it safe?
Pewter is a white metal alloy consisting of tin with small amounts of antimony and copper. Traditionally used for kitchenware and jewelry, modern pewter is completely lead-free and safe. Best of all, pewter is durable, has a pleasant warm silver color, a soft shine, and does not tarnish.

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~ Handmade in the USA ~

Product Size :     3.5" high x 3.0" wide
Weight :                approx. 1.9 oz.
Materials :            Solid Pewter
Ships In :              1 business day
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