Bare Earth Ceramic Zen Wind Bell

Bare Earth Ceramic Zen Wind Bell

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About the Bare Earth Zen Wind Bell

Inspired by the principles of zen and meditation, the Zen Bell is crafted from nature's bare earth, celebrated and manipulated by the hands of man in a harmonious form that respects the origins of the finished work. The bell segments are built from black clay, red clay, and white porcelain clay, all high-fired to a permanent ceramic finish and linked with uv-resistant polyester cording. The white porcelain segment is provided with an artistic motif of nature's fauna.  Measuring 21" long, the wind bell is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Artist-made in Arizona.

The Zen Bell is not a constant ringer, a benefit of the clay's weight. Instead, the wind and breezes provide occasional, tranquil clinks and rings that blend with the background and do not distract from nature's own music.

 ~ Made by hand in the USA ~

Product Size :      Approx. 18" long (21" with hanger) x 6" wide (large oval segment measures 11.25"H),  Weight = approx. 1.5 lbs.
Material :               high-fired clay
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