Hilborn Pottery Contemporary Folded Wall Vase in Grey/White

Hilborn Pottery Contemporary Wall Vase - Grey and White

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About the Contemporary Wall Vase in Grey/White

Just as intriguing when empty as when filled with flowers, this sculptural wall vase is built from a substantial slab of stoneware, folded and twisted to achieve an elegant, enveloped form. Crafted by hand in Canada, the contemporary vase incorporates a decorative texture pattern and an exquisite glaze of stone gray and glossy white.  The fully glazed interior allows the vase to hold water and the pottery is lead-free and dishwasher safe.
Ships from the USA and arrives ready to grace your wall upon a single nail or screw.

~ Artist-crafted in Ontario, Canada ~

Vase Size :                       16.5" tall x 6" wide x 3" deep (approximate)
Weight :                           2.5 lbs.
Material :                        Stoneware
Ships In :                         1 business day
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