Stoneware Pottery 3-Bowl Condiment Dish | Trio Bowl for Guacamole, Mustard, Candy, etc

Stoneware 3-Bowl Condiment Dish, Sea Oats Glaze

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About the Stoneware 3-bowl Condiment Dish 

Good things come in threes! Perfect for...
ketchup, mustard, and mayo
salsa, guacamole, and hummus
candy, nuts, and raisins
and much more!

Crafted by hand in Texas, the condiment dish is a trio of stoneware bowls united as one versatile vessel with a sculptural, comfortable handle. The use of durable stoneware clay insulates condiments or sauces, keeping your culinary toppings toasty or cool when served. The dish is safe for oven, microwave, and dishwasher and the American-made golden brown/aqua green 'sea oats' glaze is lead-free and cadmium-free.

~ Handcrafted in the USA ~ 

Note: Stoneware should only be used in oven or microwave - not safe for a direct flame or stove-top use. As with all ceramic kitchenware, stoneware should not be placed in a refrigerator when hot or in a stove/microwave when chilled. Always begin from room temperature.

Product Size :             8" wide 8" deep x 4" tall;  Weight : 2 lbs.
Materials :                   stoneware pottery
Ships In :                     1 business day
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