Elk Rustic Copper Cuff Unisex Bracelet Handcrafted in Colorado

Elk Rustic Copper Cuff Bracelet

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  • Medium (7.0" to 7.75" wrist)
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About the Elk Copper Cuff

Rustic, recycled, therapeutic, and natural! Available in 2 sizes, this copper cuff bracelet is individually handcrafted using reclaimed copper and enhanced with an elk motif. The cuff is provided with a naturally rustic patina to highlight the elk and mountains and emphasize the organic characteristic of copper. Durable cuff is designed to be worn anytime (even in the shower). Formed by hand in Colorado.

Therapeutic Aspect : Many believe copper to have a therapeutic benefit. For centuries, many cultures have realized the beneficial effects. In contemporary times, it is thought that copper micro-nutrients absorbed through the skin help relieve symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, tendonitis and muscle pain. While the exterior of the bracelet has a polished finish, the interior is unpolished, allowing bare copper to touch the skin. Worn against the skin, all copper can potentially leave a slight green tint - this is not an allergic reaction, rather a desired natural reaction to pure copper as the micro-nutrients are absorbed. Most skin types will experience this.

Recycled Materials : The cuff is crafted with reclaimed copper using sustainable and responsible methods. Although crafted of pure copper metal, the "pure" copper may contain trace elements of zinc and/or tin, which are also considered beneficial nutrients. However, the copper is completely nickel-free.

Sizes: The Elk Copper Cuff is available in medium and large sizes.  Medium is suitable for wrists 7" to 7.75" and Large suitable for wrists 7.75" to 8.5". Each can be initially adjusted slightly to provide the perfect fit.

Fitting Tip: To prevent metal fatigue, do not bend and re-adjust the bracelet every time is is put on. To take the cuff on and off, relax the wrist. At 1/4 to 1/3 of the way between the wrist and elbow, slide the cuff on (as there is less bone mass here). The cuff can then be slid down to fit between the wrist and hand. Initially, adjust the bracelet once so that there is an opening of 1" to 1.5", allowing the cuff to be put on and removed at the same location each time.

~  Handcrafted in the USA  ~

Bracelet Width :       1"
Materials :                  solid copper
Ships in :                    1 business day
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