Fiddleback Maple Wood Valet Box

Fiddleback Maple Wood Valet Box

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About the Fiddleback Maple Valet Box

Crafted by hand in Pennsylvania, this Valet Box features the finest selection of fiddleback maple, skillfully arranged for color and pattern consistency. Thick wood segments and handcrafted detail allow the box to last for generations, while a bevel and thin frame of contrasting padauk wood in the lid provides a visual frame for the handsome, contemporary pattern of the maple. A specially-blended clear finish is applied and buffed by hand, providing a smooth satin finish and additional protection for the wood.

Within the valet, the bottom is lined with felt for safe-keeping of personal items - wallet, jewelry, watch, money clip, etc. A divided tray slides sideways or can be lifted out for easy access.

Care instructions: To polish, simply buff with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. A light coat of paste furniture wax may also be applied if desired. Place away from direct sun and heat. Interior may be vacuumed.

Wood details: Fiddleback Maple is revered for its thin, wavy lines in the wood figure pattern that seem to 'move' when viewed at different angles due to variations in the natural reflection of light. Due to this unique appearance, the wood is prized for furniture and musical instruments. Fiddleback maple is also referred to as tiger maple and flame maple. 

~  Handcrafted in the USA  ~ 


Valet Size :            3.5" tall x 12.0" wide x 8.0" long ;  Weight = 3.0 lbs.
Material :               wood
Ships In :               1 business day

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