Recycled Metal Garden Spider / Tarantula Sculpture

Recycled Metal Garden Spider / Tarantula Sculpture

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About the Metal Garden Spider 

Yikes - this is no itsy bitsy spider! Sure to be the center of attention, this creepy critter is crafted with reclaimed carriage bolts and other recycled metals. The tarantula spider sculpture is appropriate for an indoor decoration or for your outdoor spaces, where a rust patina will develop naturally on some of the metal sections. Best of all, he can stand on his legs or can be hung vertically from his welded washer with wire or string (wire/string not included). Handcrafted in Utah.

~  Handmade in the USA  ~ 

Product Size (approximate) :  12" diameter x 5.75" tall 
Weight :                                    2 lbs.
Material :                                  mixed metals, including steel
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