Tall Craftsman Clock with Suspension Bridge Tile in WPA Art Style

Tall Craftsman Clock with Suspension Bridge Tile

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About the Tall Craftsman Clock with Suspension Bridge Tile

A masterful marriage of intricate woodwork and ceramic art! Handcrafted by the Schlabaugh Family of Iowa, the upright clock body consists of all-natural North American cherry wood. The wood is inset with a clay tile featuring a suspension bridge rendered in the iconic WPA style. Derived during the American Depression era, the bold, graphic imagery of the 1930's WPA style continues to be an artistic influence. Measuring 4" x 8", the distinctive tile is made by hand in Michigan using traditional techniques. Perfect for a shelf, tabletop, or mantel, the clock stands nearly 15" tall with a glass face and quartz movement.See more clocks from this artisan studio

Wood details: Each clock is constructed of all-natural hand-polished hardwood cherry and provided with a durable finish to enhance the natural patterns of the wood. Natural cherry wood is native to North America and is a very light (almost maple-like) color when new. Cherry will naturally darken with age to reveal a reddish-brown tint.

~ Crafted by hand in the USA ~ 

Product Size :      14.75" high x 9.0" wide x 5.75" deep; Weight = 5.5 lbs.
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