Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Avengers

Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Avengers

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About the Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Avengers 

For years, the original Gnome-be-Gone sculptures have worked to scare off those pesky garden gnomes. Now, dressed as their favorite mighty superheroes, the Gnome-Be-Gones are finding new and creative ways to disburse justice on gnomes and avenge the garden! Each Garden Avenger is individually assembled from reclaimed metal in Utah and designed to develop a natural rust patina outdoors (and may already include traces).

Please Note : Product not recommended for those without a sense of humor.
Sold individually. Choose from the following versions:

"The Bulk" Gnome-be-Gone ($74.99) : Puny gnomes better not make this one angry - they wouldn't like him when he's angry! Fully painted in green, this incredible Gnome-be-Gone is ready to lash out on any invaders to your garden! Please note - each is slightly different and stance will vary.

"The Captain" Gnome-be-Gone ($74.99) : Donning his winged mask, the Captain stands ready to defend your garden with his keen, super soldier senses and dependable, indestructible shield. Please note - stance will vary slightly.
Thor Gnome-be-Gone ($74.99) : With Mjolnir, his trusty mystical hammer, Thor patrols the skies, ready to smite gnome invaders!  Hang from a tree or plant hanger so he can protect your garden from above. Hanging cable/wire/string not included but is easily attached with the washer welded on the back.

Special offer: Order 2 or more gnome-be-gones (of any style) and receive a 10% discount on each! Use coupon code 10gnome in the 'special offers' section of your shopping cart

~  Handmade in the USA  ~ 

Product Size (the Bulk) :       10.5" high x 10" wide; Weight = 2.5 lbs.
Product Size (the Captain) :  13" high x 10" wide; Weight = 2.75 lbs.

Product Size (Thor):              13" long x 10" wide; Weight = 2.5 lbs. 
Material :                                 reclaimed steel
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