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Pewter Mezuzah: Woodland Animal Theme

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About the Woodland Animal Pewter Mezuzah 

An artist-original design, this mezuzah is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Jewish scroll casing that adds a lovely artistic element to your home. Mezuzot are affixed to doorposts outside and within the home, placed on the right side of the door jamb, either vertically or tilted toward the inside. The scroll inside includes a prayer that offers the traditional Jewish blessing for the home and its occupants. 

With a woodland theme, the mezuzah features the letter Shin, flowers, and vines accompanied by your choice of animal:  Squirrel, Dragonfly, or Owl.  An original design cast in solid pewter metal with Swarovski crystal accents, the mezuzah both continues and reinterprets the tradition, bringing into your home the blessing that protected ancestors, and will be passed to generations after us.  Measuring 4.5" tall, the mezuzah includes 2 black screws, non-kosher scroll, and description card. Handcrafted in Maryland.

Materials :             pewter, Swarovski crystals
Size :                       4.5" tall x 1" wide
Ships In :                1 business day
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