Wood Wildflowers Wetlands Wall Vase Arrangement

Wood Wildflowers Wetlands Wall Vase Arrangement

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About the Wood Wildflowers Wetlands Wall Arrangement

Rigid wood manipulated by the hands of the artisan mimics the natural beauty of curvaceous foliage. Inspired by foliage of the wetlands, the delicate intricacies of wildflowers, reeds, and grasses are tastefully captured in natural wood. This simple and elegant arrangement includes three cattails and two white dogtooth violets embraced by curling reeds, upright grasses and brown flags. The entire arrangement has an approximate height of 34" and is held within a 17.25" tall serpentine wall vase crafted of layered woods - cherry, walnut and paduke wood accent, which has a natural orange-coral tint. Handcrafted in Minnesota.
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Please note: The sculpture is delivered unassembled (see last image above), allowing you to take control of the aesthetic composition. Simply slide the wood components into the opening atop the vase, forming a snug arrangement.

~ Crafted in the USA ~ 

Product Size :   approximately 34" overall  (vase is 3" wide x 17.25" tall) 
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