Schlabaugh Craftsman Style Wall Clock with Woodland Tile and Pendulum

Craftsman Style Wall Clock with Woodland Tile and Pendulum

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About the Craftsman Wall Clock with Woodland Tile

A masterful marriage of intricate woodwork and ceramic art! Handcrafted by the Schlabaugh Family of Iowa, the clock body consists of natural quarter-sawn white oak provided with a dark 'craftsman oak' stain finish. The wood is inset with a ceramic clay tile portraying a woodland forest adapted from etchings by New England artist Addison LeBoutillier, whose style helped define the aesthetic of ceramics during the arts-and-crafts movement. Measuring 6" x 8", the distinguished tile is handmade in Michigan using traditional techniques. With a height of 17", the clock is designed to hang on a wall, but may also stand freely on a shelf when the pendulum is removed. includes hammered brass pendulum, glass clock face, and quartz movement. See more clocks from this artisan studio

Wood details: Each clock is constructed of all-natural hand-polished hardwood oak and provided a durable finish to enhance the natural patterns of the wood. Popular in Mission, Craftsman, and Shaker style woodwork, quarter-sawn oak is created by cutting the oak tree in a specified manner to produce a tight-grained and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

~ Crafted by hand in the USA ~ 

Product Size :      17.25" high x 15.75" wide x 3.25" deep; Weight = 8 lbs.
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