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Grobot Planter

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About the Grobot Planter 

Is it just an unconventional planter? Or is it an artistic exploration of the wonders of natural and artificial life? Either way, Grobot is sure to be one of the most genuinely charming conversation pieces you'll encounter!

Crafted with reclaimed wrenches, carriage bolts and other recycled metals, the clever robot planter stands firmly at 13" tall with a curious expression. Grobot holds a 4" terra cotta planter (included), perfect for window herbs or succulents. Appropriate for either indoor or outdoor spaces - the terra cotta pot easily lifts out of its holder for watering when used indoors. When used outdoors, a rust patina will develop naturally on some of the metal sections. Handcrafted in Utah.

~  Handmade in the USA  ~ 

Product Size (approximate) :   13" tall x 7" wide x 11" deep 
Weight :                                        4 lbs.
Material :                                      mixed metals, including steel
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